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Green May Industrial Mfg. Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that specializes in designing and manufacturing electric adjustable beds, household beds, home care beds, European-style beds and massage beds.
Most of Green May’s beds are made with materials of excellent quality. Supported by cutting-edge production and R&D capabilities, the company constantly launches new models to keep competitive in the global market.

With life expectancies increasing all over the world, the demand for homecare for the elders is growing. In response to this trend, we have been placing more emphasis on the development of customized home nursing beds and have developed a series of electric adjustable beds with quality mattresses made of foam or latex. In addition to homecare, many of our clients apply our products in the leisure industry, such as hotels and business environments that pursue high-end service value. Green May care for your family and put the customer needs as priority which we have confidence that you will be satisfied through using our beds.

ISO 9001, CE and CNS 15521 Certificate

"CNS 15521 household electric bed" is defined as "home electric bed": "The long-term use of the home bed, not only can be operated electrically, and can adjust the angle of the back, the angle and / or height This bed does not include normal bed and special function bed (except for special function beds with adjustment backrest angle, thigh angle and / or height). Standard does not apply medical beds. It can be said that home electric bed has been limited to use in the home environment, and by electric way to adjust the bed height or angle.

CNS 15521 Certificate

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Address:No. 80, Alley 500, Lane 506, Hsinan Rd., Sec. 1, Wujih Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan 41465